Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I took a trip to the Chrylser in Norfolk today with my boyfriend and his 6-year-old brother. The little one hadn't been to a museum yet, and he likes to paint, so we thought it was necessary. Also, more incentive, Wednesdays are free admission. As always, I took shots of some of the masters' works:

(The above pieces were part of the glass exhibition. I wasn't supposed to take pictures of them... but no one was looking... so I had to.)

(Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix)

(Pierre Auguste Renoir)

(Claude Monet)

(Henri Matisse)


(John Singleton Copley)

(Jean Baptiste Siméon Chardin)

(Pierre Bonnard)

I took loads more today but I'll post those another time. Also, my laptop (which doesn't receive internet) has more Chrysler shots, mostly of the medieval and contemporary works. Hopefully I can access those sometime soon and post them. It'll give me something to do while I lie around and resolve my knee problems.

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