Tuesday, October 4, 2011


My dad and I have been tooling around with the idea of winning the lottery and investing the winnings in something that would, well, make a serious profit. Unlike most people that win the ridiculous prize, we've braced ourselves for the possibilities and the realities of not wasting the motherload and -cough- never winning. Piecing the whole business fantasy together is the real fun part anyway.

One of my dad's long-time dreams has been to brew his own beer and start up a gastropub and inn based on Grace Sherwood, a tried and convicted "witch" between 1705-1706. When I was young I thought the idea of the Witchduck Brew and Pub was too farfetched and gimmicky, but now that I'm older, more aware of ideas that sell, and seriously into craft and high-end beers, I want to make this happen SO bad.

The Pub: 1) The food would be pretty typical pub food, but based around which beers would enhance the food, and the fries would be called Broomsticks, 2) The draft list would include around 50 beers, 3) The beers would be served in specialty glasses like the Birch Bar in Norfolk, and 4) The waitresses would dress in all-black uniform, except in October they dress in witch costumes, 5) The decor would be warm and rustic with lots of wood and vintage objects.

The Brew: 1) It would be called Witchduck Brew after Witchduck Road, 2) The label would rival the St. Pauli Girl, 3) The German and Belgian-style wheat beer would be called White Witch, 4) The bitter beer (IPAs, bochs, lagers, etc.) would be called Bitter Witch, 5) The stout would be called Black Witch


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