Monday, August 17, 2009


I've thought a lot about where to take my friends when we come to visit my hometown, Virginia Beach. At around two in the morning I compiled a very loose and unrealistic list. I didn't have practicality, money, or time on my mind, but we'll play it by ear. Here's a reproduction:

Things to do/People to see
Glazenfyre (PIY pottery studio)
TJMaxx (Think of original oil paintings, Prada, Fendi, etc.)
CHKD Thrift Stores
Worth the Wait (High end consignment shop)
Echoes of Time (Vintage and costume shop)
MacArthur Mall (Giant Forever 21, Nordstrom, J-Crew, etc.)
Chrysler Museum
Contemporary Art Center of Virginia
Loads of galleries
Ben's roof (You can see all of VB and the Chesapeake Bay)
My Gram's Estate (Gram makes delicious feasts)
Mount Trashmore
Rock Gym
Peabody's (Night club)
The Boot (Great late night menu and good shows)
The Boardwalk at the Ocean Front

Melt Gelato & Crepe Cafe (My uncle's restaurant)
Azar's (Hookah bar and Mediterranean food)
Daily Grind Cafe (Great drinks and giant muffins)
Leaping Lizard Cafe (Great lunch with a cute neighboring gift shop)
Baker's Crust (Great food and giant desserts)
No Frill Grill (All around good food)
Pacifica, Empire, and Crackers (All owned by the same guys)
Bagels N'More (Good food to sneak into a movie at Columbus)
Plaza Azteca ("Best at the Beach" Mexican food)
Citrus ("Best at the Beach" breakfast and lunch)
Nawab ("Best at the Beach" Indian food)
Saffron (New delicious Indian restaurant in town)
Kobe, Sakura, and Nara (Three best sushi bars on the East Coast)

I love my hometown. I don't give it enough credit.

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