Friday, February 3, 2012


Where have I been lately, you ask? Well, I've been:
1. Working part-time at a local gallery
2. Running every other day (dying is more like it)
3. Planning an upcoming trip to Vegas
4. Slaving over new ideas in the studio
5. Reading like a fiend (just finished Book One of the Hunger Games, and I'm halfway through the second already, omggg)
6. 'Pinning' all day everyday (yes, you should follow me!)
7. Freaking out about my graduate school application, BUT I finally submitted it this morning. Que sigh of relief.

In short, I haven't been that busy. I've just been too uninspired to post anything since I've divorced myself from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and BHLDN. They're so mainstream now I feel they've lost their mysteriousness and quality, and have made a killing on profit. The prices are just unreasonable. As for my rebound, I have professed my love to TJMaxx and Marshall's. You seriously can't beat the prices if you have the patience. I've been scoring Thoery, Michael Kors, Vivienne Tam, and Tahari goodies like a champ. A few months ago, I even got to hold and feel a $1,200 black Celine handbag that goes for about $2,400 retail. Unheard of.

Now for some imaginary retail therapy from my favorite online store. My Shopbop picks for this awkward in-between season:


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