Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I have been semi-obsessed with cool collar tops for quite some time now. Like, years. Naturally, I freaked out when I saw the Marc by Marc Jacobs Miro Collared Top and the Alice + Olivia Patsy Peplum Top. I thought to myself, at long last! and then I saw the prices. Shot down.

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Miro Collared Top - $278

 Alice + Olivia - Patsy Peplum Top - $198 

I understand that the cost is due in large part to the name brand, so-called workmanship, and materials (mmm silk), but I figured there had to be some less expensive options out there. Low and behold! I found a Sparkle & Fade metal tip blouse from Urban Outfitters and a French Connection Peter Pan Collar Top cute enough to wear with anything and everything:

 Sparkle & Fade - Metal Tip Blouse - $59
Also comes in a cute orangey-red color. Win!

 French Connection - Peter Pan Collar Top - $116.55 $69

I hope I have solved your lifelong search for the perfect adorable collared top. No? Well then I hope you like my internet bargain-hunting skills. Still no? You're killin' me, Smalls. Here's a tip: bargains actually don't exist online. It's true. By the time things go on sale online, some boutique or department store (or thrift or consignment store *gasp*) had that baby marked down to the clearance section weeks ago. Depressing, right? Thus my divorce with Anthropologie and love-hate relationship with Shopbop. Sometimes you can get lucky with a crazy pre-season sale or even a secret promo code if you look hard enough on Google. Free shipping and returns never hurt either. I don't regret my super-clearance Sam Edelman sandals from this past Winter because I wear them everyday now that Summer is pretty much upon us. Patience is a virtue.

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